* In my most difficult time,
* And in the upcoming 28th birthday of you,nothing gifts but writing some words to celebrate your 28th birthday
Boy i = new Boy("yunfat");
Girl u = new Girl("ereen");
// Nov some day, 2015, I dream you in the place far away from guangzhou and i believe i would met you again.
// After i came back,i had a long long sentimental companionship Luckily from you,you accompany me through my most difficult time. Luckily you accepted and became my girlfriend again.
// Since then, I think you are my only life.
// And take care of you and our love.
// Can not give you a happy life
// So I keep trying working on the rest of the shantou,and keep normal everyday. I try to live in the ordinary people every day at the same time to survive.
boolean isHesitate = true;
while (isHesitate) {
// May you live all the days of your life
// Happy Birthday Wishes to you. Never forget how much you are loved.
isHesitate = u.thinkOver();
// You are the reason am i.
// You are all my resons.
ereen,you have my heart and my word
Love u forever and ever.
- yunfat